How To Turn Your Leads Into Clients

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The whole process of turning a prospective client into a customer that actually buys your product or service is not only a challenge to every business owner; but it also can take a lot of time to do. You meet a target client, follow up with the lead over time, and hope fervently that he or she agrees for you to have a sales presentation or even to a schedule of consultation for free. Then you call him or her some more to try to close the sale. Many months and even years can pass from your first meeting and you don’t even have your target client’s signature on the dotted line.

But how do you continue to follow up without looking like a pest and a nuisance? How do you ask your leads over and over again if they are ready to buy what you are offering for months? What’s the best way to go about convincing your target clients to hear you and not be irritated with your follow ups? How do you make your target clients trust you enough that they would be willing to risk their hard earned money to take you up on your offer?

You don’t need a very complex answer to these questions. It’s actually quite simple. The answer is in the way you treat your target clients – like they are already your purchasing customers that you haven’t gotten the payment yet.

Just imagine the impact you make to your target clients when you treat everyone of them as if you were already providing them your particular service. This means that as a valuable client, you treat them with respect and generosity. Every time you reach out to them you can offer an article or information on excellent folder printing. You can also provide them with business collaterals in presentation folders so they would not lose your documents. You can also offer them promotional giveaways and free tickets to a social event that you have sponsored in your community.

In addition, as a valuable customer, you listen to what they’re saying. Listen to their issues and concerns. And try to find solutions to their problems. After a meeting, try to suggest sources or other people you know can help them resolve their issues they discussed with you. Of course, you can also offer your products and services in the process. But don’t just stop at that; be sure to suggest solutions that don’t necessarily involve you or your business.

This is the kind of generosity that your target clients would not expect from you that would make a very big and dramatic impact on your target clients. Rather than be irritated every time you call them or send an email, your target clients would be happy to hear from you. And instead of considering you as a sales agent always trying to get them to buy something; they will treat you as a valuable resource that they would want to build a relationship with.

But I am not talking here about giving your business away. On the contrary, I am suggesting that you provide your target clients with the reason to trust you. By addressing their problems and concerns at no charge to them, you are turning yourself and your business to an entity that is worthy of their time and effort to get to know of.

This means then that you make a huge shift in your attitude. That of being service oriented instead of looking at the profits all the time. Rather than keep on looking for ways to sell a service or a product, you give your target clients the opportunity to experience how valuable you can be to them if they are going to engage in business with you.

The bottom line is to be generous with the knowledge and information you already have. And be ready to be a source of information when you pass it along. It takes only a few minutes of your time, but the impact you make to your target clients would be remembered for e very long time.

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How To Turn Your Leads Into Clients

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This article was published on 2010/10/15